A few days

Or months, in fact it feels like years…

I’m sorry, once again, my updating skills are particularly horrid. An awful lot has happened since my last post. I’ve finished up uni for all but one exam. I visited Skye and taken a wealth of good pictures. My girlfriend won ‘exceptional employee of the year’, which bought me a few free dinners, I bought a new, 50mm f/1.8 lens and had my first few pictures commissioned.
I’ll start from the start, Skye was a birthday treat.. In the days leading up to it, it honestly felt like the worst idea ever, I was hugely stressed with uni work, my group was no help and I had limited time to finish it (6am-1am on my birthday was not a highlight birthday) thankfully done now, pray I get a different group next year! 

The trip up to Skye, we driven the A82, through Glencoe and Dornie, over the Skye bridge and up to a B+B in Portree, however just past Glencoe a lot of the road signs are in Gallic which i had never seen before, the name of the b+b escapes me now however it was extremely nice and ran by a lady from Fife and her husband whom was from London, they both met in London while working. 

The only real way I can describe the Scottish highlands to help you understand what it is like is to liken it to the movie ‘Hot Fuzz’, albeit without murdering. When people are suggesting ‘try here for lunch, they’ve got a great range of beers’ and they know you’ll be driving is quite a strange concept. Everyone knows everyone. And if you ever happen to drive to Skye, the speed limit is 60mph, locals have no patience and will overtake… Round a corner… Over a blind bend… At 90mph.. This makes for some hair raising experiences. If it’s not that it’s meeting them head on doing 50mph down single track roads.
Please don’t be put off by this, it is by far the most picturesque place I’ve ever been to between the fairy pools, talisker beach and even Portree itself, It is a fantastic place. Instead of uploading all my pictures here I’ll do a cheeky link to my 500px page here (500px page) where you can view/like/comment on my Skye pictures.

A few weeks later and we take a trip to Hinckley, there isn’t much to do but I got a free dinner in Marco Pierre Whites restaurant there, followed by another the next day at the award ceremony. Didn’t really take any pictures here.

Upon return my Mother decided she wanted one of my images, result! So a quick trip over resulted in this canvas;

This was taken at Stein in Skye and approximately 30 minutes before was cloudy and rainy, crazy weather! Albeit it’s up on my wall and still in the wrapper it is now in my mothers ‘matching the cushions’ apparently.

I then decided to get these two printed too.

Terrible picture but it gives the idea! It’s something I’d love to consider selling in the future and working towards doing.

I also picked up a 50mm lens, taken a lot to get used to but what I’ve managed to create, I am extremely impressed with. Here’s a few I got before I got too drunk to wield a camera! 😂😂

Anyway, I’m going to try and update better than I have, as always, I love comments, constructive criticism and any tips or help!

Peace out!




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