All the time in the world..

It seems that my time management skills with regards to keeping this updated when I say I will is extremely poor. I can only apologise for this. Today is quite a sad day for me more in life, today labels the end of my commitment as a coach at a local American Football team in Scotland (yes, really) called the East Kilbride Pirates. If you have Facebook or any sort of internet connection i suggest checking them out ( or Facebook search ‘East Kilbride Pirates’.

As they currently stand, they’re the best team in Scotland, the third best team in Britain (2nd and 1st are both inside London) and one of the oldest teams in Britain. This year also sees the team take on as usual take on the Premiership North, albeit the most northern team we play is 178 miles south of East Kilbride, the furthest being Coventry, an easy 304 miles away. None of the journeys on the bus I will miss.

Further from this, I’ve just finished watching my other team Denver Broncos (yes, I am a pre-Peyton Manning fan) defeat Pittsburgh Steelers to proceed to play my brothers favourite team, New England Patriots, next week in the AFC championship game, something I haven’t relished the thought of ever.

Anyways, in my first blog, I mentioned as a coach for the Pirates I prepared their film, from this I concocted a couple of award night videos, nothing too fancy and only created with the film I have, which wasn’t highlight reel film and more film to coach with, to explain this a little more, I didn’t zoom in or out with plays and pretty much followed the ball from an extended zoom where you could still see everyone, better for coaching, worse for highlights.

I thought tonight, while I am still preparing the new pictures I taken LAST MONDAY (yes, really) that i would share these videos with you to see a bit of my average producer role with the pirates.

Each video is roughly 10 minutes each and again I would appreciate feedback, hopefully in the next year or two I can do something a little more artistic/documentary style with them rather than coaching ability as I would relish the opportunity after having a brief encounter with that style of work in the past, so without further ado.


Thanks very much for reading/viewing.

Scott McLaughlin



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