Over a week!

And no published blog piece…

I profusely apologise for this, sadly my plan last week of taking photographs of Chatelherault didn’t come to fruition. I naively shown off my handy work of cutting/moulding/creating a sink counter out of Oak. Naturally this meant that I automatically got signed up to add to my handy work in my Mothers new house on the Monday and to add to the insult, my Brother whom suggested the idea then never mentioned it again and appeared to have blew me off for shopping with his fiance. Something tells me he was due a top up of his brownie points anyway and incase you were wondering, here is a few pictures of the counter top and sink.

There is still got a lot of work to go with it however you get the idea in this next picture you see in the background (badly) what this was cut from


I have badly highlighted it in red in paint. These pictures were also taken via an Iphone so they aren’t the best of quality, I apologise for that. Thankfully, yesterday I managed to whisk con my girlfriend once again into going and taking pictures, this time we headed north.

Running slightly off topic here, for anyone who HASN’T visited Scotland, roughly 75% of the year Scotland is a mixture of overcast, rain, sleet and hail stones, It also never really sees higher temperatures than ~14-19 degrees celsius (thats roughly 57+ Fahrenheit for everyone who doesn’t work in celsius) ‘Thats not too bad’ you may say to yourself however the ~14-19 is generally very late spring and a normal Scottish summer… yesterday was a rather cool 2 degrees all day (35 Fahrenheit). The other 25% is made of rare summer days wherein we see high 20 degrees, heavy snow (which gets heavier the further up the country you go) which is normally tied in with a maximum of around 6 hours of sunlight. Miserable.

With all this said, Scotland is Picturesque and pretty most days depending on where you go to view it, We ventured to Loch Tummel (for non-Scottish Loch is a Lake) this is beside the Scottish town of Pitlochry which is home to Atholl Palace, where my brother gets married this year. Here it is on the Map.

Loch TummelPitlochry

As you can see it sits just under the Cairngorms National Park, this is home to almost all of Scotlands ski slopes. Couple all this information together to paint the picture here.

2 degrees all day, next to Scotlands ski slopes and highest mountain, yesterdays forecase was, as i like to put it, Vivaldi (four seasons in one day) so we packed the car with warm coats, snow shovels, an umbrella, some cardboard and headed off.. Whats the worst that could happen?!


Well actually to disappoint, not much, it rained most of the day, was extremely foggy and the hills were dusted with some snow. It made for some interesting pictures, this time I don’t plan to walk you through it all, the majority are from Loch Tummel, Clunie Dam is at one end so there’s a few pictures of that and lastly we popped into Atholl Palace to have a look about as we had never been and had a small coffee while there.


As you can see, I am still trying to get to grips with the camera and trying my best to ensure the pictures aren’t over or under exposed, this is a selection of the better ones. In total i taken roughly 80 pictures on the day, some are frankly downright unusable for anything, some might be worthwhile if i fire them into Photoshop but I’d rather get my camera work better before i start faffing with Photoshop.

As always, I hope you enjoy my pictures, I hope to bring you more in the coming weeks, hopefully some more before the end of the week and any feedback or help your willing to share then please do so! I’m going to update my blog later on tonight hopefully to include my email address for a direct contact which is easier to find but for the moment, I’ll stick it at the bottom of this post.

I’ll also apologise for any poor spelling or grammar in this one as I’ve fired it up as quickly as possible before heading out to work tonight.

Thanks again,

Scott – scott_evo@live.co.uk



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