The Helix and The Kelpies

Good Evening,

This evenings blog is brought to you in sponsorship by another love of mine, Cloudwater Red Ale Craft Beer, IMG_0482.JPG

Now that’s over and done with, today, Rhianna (that’s my girlfriend) and I decided to take a trip to The Helix and The Kelpies in Falkirk, For my visitors and readers outwith Scotland, or outwith the UK entirely, I will explain what exactly The Helix and The Kelpies are.


The Helix

The Helix is a local greenspace for the community created in 2003, essentially a large park (think central park, new york but a little ALOT less interesting or popular) that has a canal which runs through the park as well as a few pond and park areas.

The Kelpies

The Kelpies, which are named after mythological creatures thought to have the strength and endurance of 100 horses were created by Andy Scott. ‘Andy Scott’s vision for The Kelpies follows the lineage of the heavy horse of industry and economy, pulling the wagons and ploughs, barges and coalships that shaped the structural layout of the area. Retaining The Kelpies as the title for these equine monuments, Andy sought to represent the transformational and sustainably enduring qualities The Helix stands for through the majesty of The Kelpies.’

Each Kelpie weighs 300 ton, stands 30 metres high and were built on site in 90 days, virtually everything else you need or want to know can be found here;

Now onto the important stuff, well, more important to the blog, I taken a total of 116 pictures of that majority of which were badly exposed either to either end of the spectrum but please remember that this is a learning curve for me with it being my first DSLR too. Also feel free to compliment or criticize my pictures BUT if you are going to do so please also explain as to how I can produce a better picture or what I have done wrong and what I need to do to rectify the issue.

So the walk to the car park to the Kelpies, which turned out to be the furthest possible car park from them, led from a couple of decent snaps on the route down by the canal, this gave me the first shot at the Kelpies.DPP_0003Along the Canal we also found some swans swimming and a canal water lock.DPP_0006DPP_0014.JPG

Which although I didn’t have a tripod, I tried my best to balance the camera on the bridge and mess about a bit, which lead to this over exposed delight.DPP_0017.JPG

The other side of the bridge looked like this.

DPP_0019.JPGfollowing the path on the right down to the platform on the right, I taken a couple of snaps of the swan in the centre of the picture.


once again, turned our back to the canal to view the main spectacle, an excited girlfriend demanded the photo above of her ‘petting’ the Kelpies, possibly a tad under exposed, after removing her from the photo a tad upset she couldn’t be in more, I snapped a few more.DPP_0031.JPG

walking round via the visitor centre, you get a bit more of a realisation of the sheer scale of the Kelpies;DPP_0034.JPGDPP_0038.JPGDPP_0036.JPG

These things are absolutely ENORMOUS and demanded a few monochrome pictures where Rhianna decided to make another appearance;




DPP_0044And finally back to some colour!DPP_0046.JPG

As you can see here, the Canal runs right through the centre of the KelpiesDPP_0057.JPG

The bridges above the canal are the motorway, we didn’t venture through however it appears its another pathway back to the car park we originally parked in. Time to cue a few upclose Kelpie pictures, and a few other pictures that should be fairly self explanatory;







There are tours available at the Kelpies, they weren’t running today however we assume they are carried out inside the Kelpies as they both had these little bridges across the water into the inside of them, very cool in design so thought I’d shoot a quick picture;DPP_0067.JPG

At this point, we were frozen solid so decided to revisit the visitor centre to get a cup of coffee and a heat up, naturally i wanted a few more pictures along the way.DPP_0084.JPG

A quick sandwich and coffee and a play with the camera through the window lead to these, I realise you can see the centre’s lights in the sky of the image but at this point I was just happy for a heat.







While Walking throughout the site for the Kelpsies there were a number of quotes on walls and ground round about, naturally i grabbed a few pictures of these before leaving too.






After all this, we walked by a group of three people with eight, yes eight, Labradors or Golden Retrievers, a Labradoodle (which made my girlfriends day) and a cloud with legs (cavdoodle), it was a dog lovers heaven.

Planning to hopefully get out for a couple of hours tomorrow at Chatelherault to take a few more pictures but have to help out family first so we’ll see what happens.

As for now, Over and Out.

Scott. 🙂




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