The Beginning.

Where better to start in a story than from the beginning. Without further ado, I’ll introduce myself, my name is Scott McLaughlin, I am 25 year old student studying computing at Glasgow Caledonian University  and I live in Scotland.

I’m very passionate about just about anything that has an engine or the ability to go fast, most notably cars, love music and film, coached American football for 3 years and have played golf badly for about 9. 

From a young age, I’ve been interested in photography, an expensive hobby taken up and encouraged by my Father from most probably around the age of 11, which started by wasting endless amounts of spool film on his Nikon SLR’s before acquiring my own first camera which was a Rolleiflex SL35m with a 75-135mm Tamron lens as well as about 12 rolls of film from an elder neighbour of my father, whom I was led to believe had taken pictures for newspapers in his day with this camera. 
Being young and only really taking the mediocre picture when I actually remembered to use the camera were few and far between and actually convincing my parents to get them developed was an even less likely affair and within few years down the line 90% of the film development shops on the high street had closed down and DSLR was the new kid on the block, at the time, with no money to have my film developed and certainly not the cash flow to upgrade my photographic days were rolling to a standstill.

Fast forward to 3 years ago, where an interest in American football and a unforgiving job meant I was riding the pine as it were at the risk of injury so decided to switch to coach and was presented the relentless task of filming the team, with a budget set to start up the film coach role and a desire to be the best film coach in Britain I researched for days as to the best bang for buck to produce the best film, after a the first season having missed only one game I was considered to produce the best film.

A change in career last year and returning to university has written my resignation from the team however had given me the bug to fill some time with another hobby and after spending so much time with film photography and film seemed like the best option so I set about once again researching cameras via the old budget. Naturally after man maths came into play a Canon 70d was selected as weapon of choice however a failed attempt during the summer holiday to pick one up in the states sent me home empty handed.

What it did bring home was an extremely understandable girlfriend whom footed the bill come Christmas time for a brand spanking new Canon 70d with 18-55mm lens.

My goals for this year are to learn how to use the camera, take some decent pictures hopefully and then hit some filming and see what I can manage to draw up while maintaining this blog on how well or horrible I’m managing to get along!

Anyways, time for bed before I go and try to make the kelpies look picturesque in the morning! 


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